Dalice Malice is a loud, queer, folk singer who kicks around Chicago.

Since the age of 16 she’s been singing and playing her heart raw with her rough and tumble flat-picking style.  Extremely prolific, poetic, and progressive, Dalice is a guitar-slinging sweetheart with the  silvery tongue of a story-teller. Virulently D.I.Y. in practice, she has been recording her own albums, through her imaginary record label Deer Records, since 2005. And since then, she’s released over 20 albums, singles, and EPs. And in 2014 she was named one of the Unrecognized Artists of the Year by the Museum of Transgender History and Art

After almost a decade of singing her songs in bars, coffee shops, and bedrooms, she’s ready to to sing her songs for you.